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    Helpful Resources

    Long Beach Day Nursery (LBDN) provides these resources for informational purposes only.  It does not imply LBDN’s endorsement, recommendation or approval.  For more information regarding any of these resources, please contact them directly.

    This list has been assembled as a resource for you and your child. If you have other web-sites that may be useful for other families, please let us know and we may add it to this page. Please email us with comments or suggestions at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).





    • National Parent Helpline
    • L.A. County Resources
    • Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
    • Kindergarten Need Not Be A Pressure Cooker


        We have collected some fun and educational home activities for you and your child. Please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with feedback regarding the activities below and if you have more activities you would like to share with the rest of the LBDN family.

        Home Literacy Activities:


        Recipes for Teaching:

        Cooking & Science
        Creativity & Art
        Sensory & Fine Motor Skills

        More Fun At Home:

        Emergency Preparedness Manual

        The Emergency Preparedness and Response Manual is intended to serve as a reference guide in the event of an emergency such as riot/disorder/threatening individuals, bomb threat, hazardous materials, explosion, fallen aircraft, fire, natural disaster, national disasters, or other emergencies requiring the evacuation of Long Beach Day Nursery’s (LBDN) buildings.

        In such emergencies, specific actions should be taken as detailed in this manual. All LBDN employees should be aware of and prepared to perform a prompt, safe and successful evacuation and respond to emergency responses as appropriate.

        To view the entire manual please click here:
        Emergency Preparedness Manual

        Parent Handbook

        We have prepared this Parent Handbook to acquaint you with our program and your responsibilities. For the purpose of this handbook, “parent” is defined as any person living with a child who has responsibility for the care and welfare of the child. Please become familiar with this handbook and refer to it often. The handbook will answer many questions you may have regarding our policies and daily procedures. The table of contents includes:

        • Our Mission Statement
        • Philosophy
        • Goals for Children and Families
        • Admission Policy
        • Annual Registration
        • Enrollment Process
        • Enrollment Forms
        • Tuition
        • Hours of Operation and Holidays/Days Closed
        • NAEYC Accreditation
        • Infant Program
        • Toddler Program
        • Preschool Program
        • Transition Process
        • Staff Qualifications
        • Communications Systems
        • Early Intervention Program
        • Health and Safety
        • Nutrition
        • Parent Involvement
        • General Policies
        • Discipline and Guidance
        • Grievance Procedures
        • Termination Policy
        • Ways Parents and Teachers/Caregivers Can Work Together
        • Affordable, Quality Child Care and Early Education is a Tradition at LBDN


        Our curriculum at Long Beach Day Nursery is based on the premise that children learn by doing. We believe that your child will discover and learn by making the decisions needed to work through an activity, rather than being told exactly how to accomplish a task.

        As a result of this process-oriented approach, you will find that no two-art projects look the same, and your child will discover many individual approaches to accomplish a task; thus, your child will not be asked or required to complete activities in a specific manner. Rather, we support the interest of each child, helping them to grow in their socio-emotional and cognitive skill development through hands-on experimentation with materials and concepts. Our curriculum is built around ideas of interest to the children.

        Each day, there are opportunities for all children to explore materials and create meaningful experiences. We call our curriculum “Emergent Curriculum.” The activities emerge from the daily life of the children and adults in the program, particularly from the children’s own interests; it reminds us that spontaneity always has a place in the environments where young children play and learn. Nevertheless, as the word curriculum conveys, there is also Teacher planning in such environments, there is a curriculum.

        Our Emergent Curriculum provides opportunities in several basic areas:

        • Language and Literacy - children are encouraged to talk, sing, listen, or otherwise use language and experience written material. Examples are flannel board stories, books, dramatic storytelling, dictations and puppet play.
        • Mathematical Thinking - children are encouraged to develop a sense of number and quantity. Examples are activities that include counting, determining more or less, larger or smaller, how many, recognizing patterns and shapes and developing a sense of time awareness.
        • Scientific Thinking - children focus on the world they know and understand. Knowledge grows from the child’s innate need to discover. Examples are measuring, comparing, using the five senses, questioning, predicting and analyzing results.
        • Social Studies - children explore the roles of relationships in their world. Examples are dramatic play, block building, recognizing similarities and differences in people, families and professions, and understanding the reasons for social expectations.
        • Personal and Social Development - children are encouraged to develop a self-concept and self-control through interacting with others, problem solving, and conflict resolution.
        • Physical Development - includes large and small motor development, and an understanding of personal health and safety.
        • The Arts - encourage children to express their creativity through art, self-expression, music, and dramatic play.

        The day is a blend of child-initiated and Teacher-initiated activities including group time, free choice times, outdoor play, appropriate meals, snacks and rest times.


        The Long Beach Day Nursery is dedicated to being a partner with working parents for the personal growth and development of each child. It is a program that provides a balance of physical nurturance and exercise; emotional support and encouragement; and intellectual stimulation and growth.

        Young children develop rapidly. In fact, more development occurs during the first five years than at any other stage of life. A balance of physical, social, emotional and intellectual stimulation is essential for this development to be optimal. In our program we support or enrich this development:

        • Physically, by providing a well-balanced diet and an outstanding playground;
        • Socially and Emotionally, by listening, encouraging self-care and independence, taking care of hurts, hugging and playing, as well as providing structure and consequences;
        • Intellectually, by talking, exposing the children to new experiences, explaining new ideas and generally preparing them for future life experiences.

        Thus, LBDN provides a child-centered environment with:

        • Long periods of uninterrupted free time, thus allowing the child to move at their own pace, in their own place;
        • The freedom to explore their environment with few restrictions, which does not mean that there are “no rules”;
        • Adults acting as facilitators of learning and not the keeper of the stuff that children want;
        • Lots of outdoor play time to ensure that children are healthy and grow physically.

        Long Beach Day Nursery refrains from any religious instruction or worship.